Electronic copy of homework

… with apologies for the lateness!


Mr Blair


9 thoughts on “Electronic copy of homework

  1. Reading Blog – The Spooks, my book is about a family of ghosts that live in a house and then a new family come to stay. The ghosts try and scare them away but at the end of the story they become friends.


  2. Sam and his crazy pet hamster .Sam and Claire built a playground for hamper. But he escaped causing mayhem in the house. luckly Claire is a detective to help her brother Sam.🤔🤔🤔


  3. Climbing In The Dark-Its in the vitorian times theres a new house maid, that came to a house and became a house maid-theres also a boy that cleans the chimneys with a chimney sweep his name is Will-Characters:Will-Boy That cleans the Chimney -Tess the new hosue maid-Harriet a kid that lives in the house thats rich(i think)-Mr.Fry Harriets Daughter- This all I know I guess? .-.


  4. The masked cleaning lady’s save the day-there is a girl called princess Jane she practiced playing football but she missed her kick and smashed glass and a man called Mr Goal came and teached princess Jane how to play football


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