Mr Blair’s a dozy so and so!

I forgot that it was an early lunch today – this meant that when I sent the children to lunch their chosen meal may not have been available.   They did however all receive a lunch. Huge apologies, I completely forgot, and in a rare moment my class also forgot to remind me!

a very sheepish Mr Blair


Congratulations to all of primary 3-4 and primary 4 for our class assembly. I could be (AM!) biased but I thought it was great! The enthusiasm and personality of the children really shone through. I’m a huge believer in letting the pupils drive their own assemblies and I feel that these guys and their performance are a testament to what can be achieved when children are given the responsibility and trusted. I’m delighted! Well done everyone, you were brilliant!

Mr Blair

Columba Assembly (again again!)

The assembly is scheduled (hopefully, I have a reputation for posting blogs that I swiftly need to edit or retract! 😂) for Monday the first of April and will begin at 2pm. Parents of Primary 3/4 and Primary 4 pupils are invited to attend and can take their seats between 1:45 and 1:55.

I’m out of school this Monday but am hopeful an official letter will go home on the subject.

Mr Blair

Columba Assembly (again)

We’re doing a Columba rap but as yet don’t have the words…

Try to think up simple lines, like (but ideally better than) the ones you see below:

Columba, Columba

We’ve finished his story

We hope we didn’t bore ye

Columba, Columba

He was born

On a floating stone

Columba, Columba

There was a book

He shouldn’t have took

Columba, Columba

It caused a commotion

He had to leave over an ocean

Columba, Columba

He stopped at Iona

I’ll make it home yeah!

Post them under here and there’s a really good chance they’ll be included!


Mr Blair

Columba audition text

Hi folks

Here is a small piece of text for the children who wish to play Columba in our school assembly.  Just practise the Columba lines ( in bold).  I’ll read the rest.  Good luck!


Columba:              Lugneus – we will need that boat.  You are our best

                                swimmer.  Will you swim across and bring it back to us?

Lugneus:              Oh master.  I will surely drown.  What of the creature?  It will eat me.

Columba:         You will not drown.  No harm will befall you.

…enter Nessie, rearing up ready to attack Lugneus…

Lugneus:               Help!  Help me please!

Columba:             GO NO FURTHER!  DO NOT TOUCH HIM! 

                               GO BACK AT ONCE!

…Nessie leaves, banished to Loch Ness…

Columba:            It’s okay Lugneus.  You’ll be safe now.


Mr Blair