Lava Lamp Experiments for Science Week!

Today Primary 4 did some science!  We did two experiments – one was the lava lamps you see in the pictures and the other was a magic fire extinguisher!  Both experiments involved the use of carbon dioxide.  Homework this  week will no doubt involve discussion about carbon dioxide so you can get ahead by discussing it’s role in both experiments!

Mr Blair


Pict Investigation!

Today Primary 4 joined Primary 3/4 for a day of learning all about the Picts!  We heard stories of what life was like waaay back…before, during and after Roman times when Pictish people lived right where we do now!  We also heard tales of miracles and magic from Saint Columba’s life.  Then we split into groups and did 6 activities:

  • Designing a bronze Pictish mirror.
  • Designing a Pictish comb made from antler.
  • Designing Pictish tattoos.
  • Painting Pictish stones.
  • Drawing Pictish symbols on slate using chalk.
  • Learning Ogham and decoding an Ogham message from the Picts.

In the afternoon we used actual quills to write with – it is really tough (and messy!).

The children had a great time, probably got a bit messy and hopefully learned lots in an interactive and fun way!

Mr Blair

Fun with Finding Fractions Friends!

Primary 4 are beginning their work with fractions this year.  The class were given a fraction of a paper plate and a post-it.  They then had to find friends who had fractions of the same size (this got quite tricky when working with fifths, sixths, sevenths and eighths!), make the paper plate and then label their own fractions on the post-it and stick it on their fractions piece.  They did very well indeed – I wished I had taken more pictures!

Mr Blair