First level performance reminder

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the school has made the decision to charge £1 per ticket for the show.  If you have returned the slip but not send in money can you please do so. 😦

Mr Blair


Don’t Forget…

…we need to have all learning records back to class tomorrow!  Also a number of pupils volunteered to participate in our new Circle of Friends group with Ms Ross.  If you are happy for your child to participate please get in touch with either myself or Ms Ross asap so we can get the group up and running.

Mr Blair


Learning Records…

…have been sent home – this is so the parent section of the KAT (Key Assessment Task) about the heart facts can be completed.  Confession time – I still have to complete the next steps section but I’ve been so impressed and delighted by the level of enthusiasm and knowledge the class have exhibited that you can be sure the comment in the next steps section will say “keep up the fantastic work!!”! 🙂

Mr Blair

PS Please, please, please can we have the learning records back in class by Monday or Tuesday at the absolute latest?